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3 Ways To Embrace Resilience And Achieve Success From hardships extending from loss and grief, Blair Kaplan has built a life of success by focusing on her own resiliency, taking herself further in life

By Vincent Peters

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Vincent Peters

Resilience is the key to success. It is a trait that helps us see our goals to fruition and come out of challenges stronger than ever before. The most successful people tend to embrace resiliency to its fullest extent to achieve both personal and professional goals. Influencing our attitude and how we respond to the world around us, I took a personal interest in resiliency when it comes to development and achieving the lives we are meant to live. Happiness is integral to our success, and I like to think resiliency makes us strong enough to remain positive in the face of adversity.

Challenges are a part of life, and in looking at improved ways to deal with them, I reached out to the best-selling author, social media coach, and motivational speaker Blair Kaplan on the insights she's gained from her own experience. From hardships extending from loss and grief, Blair Kaplan has built a life of success by focusing on her own resiliency, taking herself further in life. Founder of Blair Kaplan Communications and the I am Resilient Project; she shares three ways to embrace resiliency and achieve success.

Recognize first that you are stronger than you realize

"The toughest part about life is we often learn where our strengths lie in the hardest times. We don't think about how strong we are until we are faced with unbelievable challenges. We think they will break us," states Blair. "What we need to understand is nothing can break us unless we allow it to. Stepping up to any challenge requires us to become truly resilient and tackle it head-on. That is where the power to overcome comes from pushing us over the precipice to success."

Reframe the situation

"No matter what you are facing, we have the power to reframe the situation and approach it from another perspective," states Blair. "This gives us more control by steering the situation towards the positive and removing the negativity that might hold us down. Resilient people tend to take a pragmatic approach to problems while also embracing challenges for their opportunities." To Blair, success is all about opportunity and optimizing it for our benefit.

Find ways to grow

Blair has been through a lot in her life. From infertility to a difficult relationship with her father, illness, and loss, Blair refused to let these tragedies hold her back. "It's easy to think we are the victim if we don't look at how a situation is challenging us to grow," explains Blair. "Growth is a product of resiliency and a catalyst to success. The popular saying, we grow through what we go through holds particularly true for people willing to remove themselves from that victim mentality."

A crucial trait that takes focus and commitment to development, Blair believes in committing to being resilient no matter what. She explains further, "we are all survivors, and that is at the core of being resilient." A serial entrepreneur with a knack for social media, Blair is proud of where she's come from and excited about where she's headed. "Resilience had everything to do with my success," exclaims Blair. "That is why I am committed to instilling it in others." Blair Kaplan knows what it is like to build a life of success through strength, discipline, and perseverance. She is stepping up to share her experience so that others can become the best versions of themselves.

Vincent Peters is the Chief Designer for inheritance AI and the Rex Mundi sports analytics platform. Vincent is a graduate of West Point where he studied systems engineering and he also holds graduate certifications from MIT and Oxford.


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