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America's Top 200 Global Franchises

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Burger King may not hold the crown of franchising in the United States, but when it comes to global franchising, the fast-food conglomerate is-you guessed it-the king. Since it now only sells U.S. units to its existing franchisees, Burger King is focusing on international sales, and it shows in their 2000 performance. In 1999, the franchise had 7,452 units in the United States and 944 non-U.S. units; last year, that changed to 7,826 U.S. units and 2,703 non-U.S. units.

And Burger King isn't the only system that considers the global market gold. This year, many more franchises-large and small, from all nations and covering all industries-are contributing to an explosion of international franchising. These companies prove a diverse range of offerings can be successful in any country. Our 2001 ranking of the world's top 200 franchises includes companies representing the fast-food, cosmetics, hair-care, hotel, maintenance and automobile-service industries, to name just a few. In the following ranking, you'll find companies catering to every prospective franchisee's interest.

The Franchise Zone has compiled this list of the world's top 200 U.S. franchisors seeking international franchisees simply to assist you in your research. It's based on information from Entrepreneur's January 2001 Franchise 500, the most comprehensive list of franchise companies in existence.

This ranking is not intended to endorse, recommend or promote any particular franchise. It's simply a tool you can use for comparison purposes. Before purchasing a franchise, it's crucial to conduct an in-depth, independent investigation, including visits to existing franchise locations and discussions with current franchisees as well as an attorney and an accountant.

Listing compiled by Maria Anton and Lee Houston.

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