TADA Network PTE.LTD. Raises Funding From giftee, Inc.

The company will allocate the funds received through this investment to further functional enhancement, their end-to-end customer retention platform, as well as expanding markets in Southeast Asia

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Japan-headquartered giftee, Inc. recently announced to have invested in TADA Network PTE.LTD.provides an end-to-end loyalty and rewardsplatform‘TADA’ in Indonesia. In addition, Giftee Malaysia and Giftee Mekong have started a Business collaboration with TADA Network PTE in Malaysia and Vietnam in August 2021. 

giftee, Inc.

TADA Network PTE will allocate the funds received through this investment to further functional enhancement of TADA, their end-to-end customer retention platform, as well as expanding markets in Southeast Asia. 

“We are confident that the TADA Network PTE and giftee partnership’s outcome will be a smart, robust, and complete solution for loyalty and rewards programs suitable for various industries. With the funding, expertise from the giftee team, and a strong product-market fit, we are confident that TADA Network PTE will double down on product innovation and look to aggressively expand our market presence internationally,” said Antonius Taufan, chief executive officer, TADA Network PTE.

TADA is an end-to-end loyalty and rewards platform that enables businesses to build deep relationships with their customers, channels, and employees. It helps them to accelerate growth sustainably while maximizing customer lifetime value by empowering them to build and execute loyalty and rewards programs. Additionally, TADA connects businesses to collaborate within its network. It is a universal solution that is integrated with other platforms to create an ecosystem around customer funnels and is already adopted by local as well as global enterprises. With over 400 clients, TADA is currently serving companies across rapid-growth industry verticals from banking, insurance, consumer goods, restaurants, and other service providers. It has a portfolio of customers ranging across names such as AXA, Allianz, DBS, UOB, Castrol, Exxon, Kalbe Nutritionals, and Erha Dermatology, among many others.

Both companies have agreed on a business alliance and started collaborating in Malaysia and Vietnam in August 2021. As the first step of the collaboration, TADA’s platform has been linked to eGift Service of Giftee Malaysia and Giftee Mekong. In addition, giftee group will expand our eGift Service and eGift Platform business in Southeast Asia beyond the Malaysian and Vietnam market in collaboration with TADA Network PTE.  

 “TADA is one of the world's leading loyalty and rewards platforms, offering a wide range of features including subscription, membership, and referral. Through this capital and business alliance, we are very much looking forward to collaborating with TADA Network PTE, mainly in the Southeast Asia region, by linking our eGift Platform Business, eGift Service, and TADA's platform,” added Mutsumi Ota, chief executive officer, giftee.

giftee group shall continue to accelerate the development of our eGift Platform Business in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Vietnam. The platforms will also work to create opportunities for building business alliances and making investments, in order to increase the distribution of eGifts.