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Video Exposes Truth Behind How Eggs Are Prepared at McDonald's

One TikToker is going viral after showing how two different versions of the same item are prepared completely differently.


When it comes to fast food, it’s never really shocking to find out that some of your favorite items aren’t exactly the freshest.

TikTok via @essentialmcdonalds
TikTok via @essentialmcdonalds

And although some chains boast about their quality and freshness, it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with a large quantity of orders without pre-making or pre-preparing certain items.

One TikToker is going viral after showing the behind-the-scenes of how two different versions of the same McDonald's item are prepared completely differently.

McDonald’s, which now offers all-day breakfast across the U.S., is known to serve two different types of eggs (aside from scrambled) depending on what breakfast item is ordered — square eggs and round eggs.

However, according to TikTok user @essentialmcdonalds, one variation is pre-made and comes prepackaged, while the other is prepared freshly in the kitchen.

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“They come pre-cooked,” the employee says while holding up a plastic-wrapped tray of square eggs. “We just throw them on the grill and we just arrange them neatly, put a little water in there and then cook them.”

He then scoops the eggs off the grill and places them in a tray, which is somewhat unsettling but not entirely shocking.

That is until the employee begins making the round eggs and shows the juxtaposition between how the different variations are cooked.

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The TikToker cracks fresh, whole eggs into round molds and pops all of the yolks before shutting the grill and adding water to help steam them before removing the eggs from the round molds and storing them away.

Many took to the comment section to call the round eggs “superior” and praised them for having better texture.

“Of course I'm the type that's been preferring the not-fresh egg type all these years,” said one user, referring to her preference of the square eggs.

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“Ok. So I’ll be eating round eggs from now on,” another asserted.

However, others stood by their decisions to go with the square eggs.

“Still prefer the square ones,” one user explained. “Too many times I've eaten eggshells.”

“McDonald’s stopped serving folded eggs where I’m from and they taste so much better,” another said. “I miss them.”

The chain was hit with another viral TikTok video in the fall when a worker exposed how the cult-favorite McRib sandwich is made, in a video that viewers called “nauseating” and “unsettling.” The chain never formally commented on the incident.

In Q3 of 2021, McDonald’s reported a 12.7% increase in sales globally, with the U.S. growing an impressive 9.6%. The chain is expected to report on its Q4 earnings on January 22.

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