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The virtual distillery that José Cuervo will open in the metaverse

As the metaverse populates, brands are looking for ways to make themselves present to get the attention of their potential consumers. José Cuervo already has his plan...

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Little by little, the metaverse begins to resemble a mirror of the world we inhabit: works of art that are unrepeatable, digital land for sale in enviable locations, fashion shows in which big brands participate, and ... tequila?

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José Cuervo has announced that he is already working on the creation of a virtual distillery in Decenterland and that it will be available for the summer of this year. With this, the tequila manufacturing company seeks to provide members of generation Z with a different way of approaching its products that will include exclusive experiences, information about the drink and a series of events only available in the metaverse. In a press release , Lander Otegui, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Proximo Spirits (the distributor of José Cuervo in the United States), commented: “Cuervo is no stranger to taking tequila to places it has never gone before: we were awarded the first license to distill in Tequila, Jalisco, where the Cuervo family created the national drink more than 260 years ago and still produces it today in the oldest distillery in Latin America. Cuervo first came to the United States more than 70 years ago and helped establish America's favorite cocktail, the margarita. It's about time Cuervo took on a new frontier and brought tequila to new audiences by opening the first distillery in the metaverse."

The meta-distillery is being designed by a team of digital experts from the Ache and Tangible agencies; the design of it will be carried out by M2 Studios and Bompas & Parr , the company focused on creating multisensory experiences, will be in charge of creating the user experience in the metaverse.


José Cuervo is not the first company to seek to start operations in virtuality. Last year Coca-Cola released a collection of NFTs that put users in a game where they tried to open four mystery boxes and win a cooler full of Coke bottles. The NFT's were auctioned at $575 thousand dollars. Bud Light followed a similar dynamic for the launch of Bud Light Next and its Super Bowl campaign: the launch of 12,722 non-fungible tokens exclusive to those 21+. The tokens came loaded with additional benefits for their owners, including access to exclusive brand events.

As the metaverse evolves, so does the way in which brands seek to participate in it and have contact with users who, little by little, begin to inhabit it.

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