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A Win-Win Marketing Strategy

Why not outsource parts of your Web site?

Don't be afraid to outsource components of your Web site, such as the shopping cart, tracking customers and handling transactions. Many pundits advise against this, but there's little downside risk. This is not so different from a brick-and-mortar business contracting to have cleaning or payroll services.

Visitors who come to your site and decide to buy a product need merely to click "add to my purchase" or "add to shopping cart." This links them to your outsourcing service, a secure server that receives this visitor's credit card and contact information and completes the transaction for you. When visitors are finished shopping, they return to your Web site.

Outsourcing doesn't force you to relinquish control. Actually, you maintain complete control of your Web pages on the server you've selected. You're able to maintain flexibility and are free from handling routine transactions. The site visitor is able to make purchases quickly, easily and seamlessly--and may still linger on your site. It's a win-win-win marketing strategy.

Excerpted from 101 Internet Marketing Tips For Your Business