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#11 Pro-Motion Technology Group

From zero to $9.4 million in sales in just one year: See how they did it

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#11 Pro-Motion Technology Group

Pro-Motion Technology Group went from zero to $9.4 million in sales in one year. That's faster than you can say "audiovisual." The Wixom, , company headed by founder, president and CEO Lynn Matson, 41, shows no signs of slowing down. "This year, it's going to be $9.4 million to $22 million," she says. Pro-Motion provides audio, visual and interactive solutions to retailers, restaurants and others across the nation. Its clientele list includes heavy hitters like Bally Total Fitness, Foot Locker and TGI Friday's.

Though the is young, its history is lengthy. Matson founded a similar company in 1986, which was purchased and run into the ground by an outside interest. In 2002, she picked up the pieces by buying the assets from the bank and set out to launch self-funded Pro-Motion at the start of 2003. "I had a very good reputation with the clients in the field we dealt with," Matson says. That reputation and a fierce focus on customer satisfaction helped her ramp up the business quickly.

In one year, Pro-Motion went from five to about 30 employees. The challenge of adding so much staff hasn't fazed Matson in the least. "Business is so fundamentally easy if everybody is doing [his or her] part. My role is to make sure that everybody else is fully entrenched in their roles and enjoying doing what they do." That philosophy is echoed in the colorful and homey office where a casual work environment, music, and an on-staff masseuse are the order of the day.

With a knowledgeable staff, an office building big enough to handle huge growth, and its own product distribution center, Pro-Motion is poised to produce in 2004. "We think we're the best stock on the , and we're not on the stock market," quips Matson. Her business has earned every bit of that confidence.

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