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Manager's Pre-Dismissal Checklist

When an employee is leaving the company, use this checklist to make sure that he or she returns all company property and all paperwork is completed.

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Employee Name: _______________________

Date of Termination: ______________________

Collect the following items from the employee prior to separation from the company:

All keys returned

Company vehicle keys returned

Company vehicle returned

Company credit cards returned

Company phone credit cards returned

Company equipment (e.g., cell phones, pagers, credit cards, laptop computers) returned

COBRA election forms signed and returned

401(k) election forms signed and returned

Profit-sharing election forms signed and returned

Company documents and files inventoried

Desk and working premises inventoried

Personnel and Payroll Departments notified of departure

Final expense report received, reviewed and approved; expense check prepared

Final check prepared (including all accrued vacation pay, sick pay, accrued wages, bonus, etc.)

Exit interview prepared

Exit interview given

Final checks (payroll and expense) given to terminating employee

All of the above duties have been completed in a satisfactory manner.

Company has no further liability with terminating employee.

Manager Signature _______________________________________ Date __________________