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Infusing The Human Element: Aster DM Healthcare's Alisha Moopen

Alisha Moopen, Executive Director and CEO - Hospitals & Clinics, GCC, for Aster DM Healthcare, on injecting life back into privatized healthcare.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems

INJAZ Al-Arab's Akef Aqrabawi Is On A Mission To Enable Arab Youth To Drive The Region's Economy Forward

INJAZ Al-Arab President and CEO Akef Aqrabawi talks about the initiatives to cultivate and support entrepreneurship.

Hitting (All) The Right Notes: Academy Award-Winning Music Composer A. R. Rahman

"You don't get success in one day, two days- it might take two years, three years, 20 years... But come out with a strong personality, and something to contribute to humanity- and you'll be recognized."

Tapping Into Opportunity: Nour Al Hassan, Founder And CEO, Ureed

For businesses seeking to reach online audiences in the Arab world, the need for Arabic content in the digital realm cannot be understated, and Ureed, with its network of freelancers, seeks to capitalize on this opportunity.
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How You Handle Business Wins (And Losses) Impact Your Team's Loyalty

A look at how a leader's management style can affect a team.

Focused On Impact: Deliveroo Co-Founder And CEO Will Shu

The UK-headquartered online food delivery company may have launched only in 2013, but Shu remembers recognizing a gap in the food delivery space way back in 2004, when he had just moved to London from New York.
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Agility Needs To Be Seen In Everyone At An Enterprise (And Not Just In The People Running It)

The idea of being agile, taking ownership of what one does, and doing things the best way they can be done is not something that's restricted to the C-suite of an organization- it needs to be translated across all layers of the company.
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Kill Your Darlings: Entrepreneurs Must Know When Their Offering Stops Serving The Intended Purpose

There's a fine line between being resolute about the idea you have in your mind, and, well, changing or rethinking your idea in a manner that it suits your intended clients better.

Venues Of Value: Paul Evans And Freek Teusink Of Solutions Leisure Group

Since its launch in Egypt, Solutions Leisure Group has today moved on to the UAE as its home base, with a portfolio that includes some of the most popular (and yes, most profitable) F&B concepts in the country

Cadillac Middle East MD Christian Soemmer On How The 115-Year-Old Brand Is Still Making Waves Globally

It's one thing to be an iconic luxury auto brand; it's another thing altogether to be an iconic luxury auto brand that can boast of a 16-month run of consecutive growth.

On Route To The Future: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Dirk Ahlborn

Passion is almost certainly the major driving force at this enterprise, with HTT utilizing a crowd collaborative approach to build up the company.
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Entrepreneurs, You Are Not Entitled To Anything

Listen up, 'treps: you are never going to gifted anything on a silver platter; you're going to have to work hard for everything you want or dream about.
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Why It's Better For MENA Startups To Team Up Than Race Against Each Other

There's a lot more that can be achieved if entrepreneurial teams work together.

Batting It Out Of The Park: Zomato Founder And CEO Deepinder Goyal

How India's now-global startup struck out, hit home runs, and stays in the game.
Entrepreneur Ecosystems

Bolstering Entrepreneurship In Saudi Arabia: Badir CEO Nawaf Al Sahhaf

For an initiative that was launched in 2007 by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia, the Badir Program for Technology Incubators has come a long way since its inception.