Allison Maslan

Serial entrepreneur and business mentor

Allison Maslan is founder and CEO of Pinnacle Global Network®, offering business programs to established business owners. Her book Scale or Fail (Wiley, October 2018) hit #1 on Amazon before its release.

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The 5 Phases of Building a Self-Managed Company

Those phases extend from a founder's transition from boss to leader. Where are you in the process?

Thought Leaders

Flip the Switch on Fear-Based Thinking

The simple truth is that life mirrors back to us the kind of energy we put out.

Starting a Business

Getting Clarity on Your Big-Picture Vision

Think strategically about where you want your business to go.

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Top Practices of Fortune 100 Companies

Use these four key tips to make your business thrive.

Growing a Business

How to Score Public Speaking Events to Grow Your Business

Nothing positions you better as the expert than standing in front of an audience.

Thought Leaders

Reframe Negative Thinking to Ease Your Path to Success

Positive thinking can take you a long way on the path to success.

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