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Restaurant Business

A Tribute to Indian and Gujarati Cuisine

Founded in 2017, TSK Hospitality is a brainchild of the passionate couple - celebrity chef Aanal Kotak and her husband Bhavik Kotak. The company is driven by the thought to offer unique, innovative and modern twist to the ancient Indian cuisine through its brands - The Secret Kitchen, Akshada and The Baking Couture Café.

How This Swimwear and Sport Shoes Firm Grew Its Business Model in India

Aditya Bafna, MD, Element Retail, credits his analytical approach towards business behind his growth and success, whether it is identifying the right business or running it efficiently.

How This Raymond Franchise has Stood The Test of Time For Last Three Generations

Prakash Aswani, Raymond Franchisee, is ably continuing the business that has stood the test of time for the last three generations. However, he is not alone; the family of five runs the business which has grown big with seven Raymond brand stores.

How Electric Vehicles Rev Up Business Opportunities

India's electric vehicles market received a boost in Budget 2019. Although at the cost of already bleeding internal combustion engine vehicles market, the EV segment offers a slew of lucrative business opportunities.