Andrey Sergeenkov

Andrey Sergeenkov

Andrey Sergeenkov is an independent researcher of the cryptocurrency niche. He loves to boil in one pot with everything about experiments with modern-finance instruments. He believes that the world craves decentralization of government, society and businesses.


Decentralized Parties Poised to Bring Blockchain to Politics

Advancements in blockchain development and the demand for DAOs show that it is only a matter of time before decentralized parties become the de facto political system around the globe.

Common Mistakes That May Cause Investors to Walk Away

How in are you? Investors look for conviction. If you aren't all in, they may be out.

DeFi Is the New Lemonade Stand

More than a billion people still have limited or no access to financial solutions. DeFi can change that for the better, and simply.

You Can Leverage Cryptocurrencies to Upset the Balance of Power

Inequality must be eroded, allowing for the construction of a truly global market.

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