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10 Ways to Utilize Your Calendar for Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the best ways to gain financial freedom. That does not make the process easy to manage, though. For many, budgeting can be a challenge simply because...

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Back-to-School Tips for Parents to Keep on Their Calendar

This summer, you plan to be productive and get things done. And to maintain your work/life balance, you likely have some time away scheduled. You may be planning a staycation...

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Use Calendar to Prioritize Time With Your Significant Others

Working in the office and working remotely contribute to fairly different lifestyles, but both share the burden of long hours. Remote work is even more conducive to long hours because...

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How to Get Into a Productive Summer Routine Using Your Online Calendar

We are in the full swing of summer — and everyone seems to have a summer vacation mindset. The kids are off from school, the days are longer, calling for...

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6 Ways to Stay Up to Date on Upcoming Entertainment

Most of the time, at least one upcoming event (like a concert or sporting event) interests you. But our work and responsibilities come first — and time gets away from...

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Support Your Mental Health With These Microsoft Calendar Hacks

Mental health has become an increasing priority in society today, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, there are a lot of events going on in the world today that can cause stress,...