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April Y. Pennington


From cutting hair to inspiring hispanic readership, Rueben Martinez's novel idea is a story for all ages.

How Credit Affects Your Ability to Buy a Franchise

Can someone with bad credit qualify for a franchise loan?

Morning Glory

Tapping into a widespread passion, these entrepreneurs hope to make everyone's favorite breakfast food an all-day event.

Makeover Magic

Real-world business advice from a hit makeover TV show

Tip Over?

Things to think about before adding a tip jar to your place of business

Starting Small

With discipline and determination, these four entrepreneurs launched businesses with less than $1,000 each. See how they've grown from those budget beginnings to today's successful companies.

Strike a Pose

Yoga improved these entrepreneurs' well-being. Now they're bringing it to the masses.

Bucking Convention

Challenging the industry standard of costly cosmetics, e.l.f. says, "The buck stops here."

An American Icon

Some things just say "America," like baseball, apple pie and . . . franchises. Here are 5 big ways franchising has affected our nation.

Would You Like a Franchise With That?

You've decided to buy a franchise. Now comes the real choice--which one? We'll help you narrow down the menu so you can have it your way.

Back in the Saddle Again

After languishing in franchise turmoil amid franchisor changes, Roy Rogers franchisees take the reins of the franchise system and plan on blazing a trail back to the top of the food chain.

A World of Difference

For these entrepreneurs, social responsibility is the essence of their businesses. Here's how they're changing the world for the better.

Java Enabled

For this former film student, the road to Hollywood--and business success--is paved with coffee beans.
Starting a Business

The Hottest Teen Business for 2005

Feeling young at heart? Up on your trends? Then you might be in a great position to open a teen-oriented business. Here are the hottest ideas for 2005.

Selling Other People's Stuff

Have a knack for selling on eBay? Then you may have what it takes to open an eBay drop-off franchise.