Anastasia Chernikova


Anastasia Chernikova is a NYC-based entrepreneur and journalist working with the world’s top tech companies. Chernikova is the editor-in-chief of The Vivid Minds.

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Growing a Business

How Crafting a Story Helps Business Owners Identify Their Mission and Values

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5 Reasons Impactful Leaders Need Storytelling Skills

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5 Reasons to Work on a Personal Brand Yourself Instead of Outsourcing It

A personal brand is no longer just something that's "nice to have" or "for certain people." The internet has made it essential for everyone to take control of their personal brand and develop it well.


5 Steps for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Drives Business Results

Here are five crucial steps your brand should take to create a content marketing strategy that grows your business and drives results.


3 Ways Vulnerability Shapes Better Leaders

While conventional wisdom says that being vulnerable is a weakness, the counterintuitive truth is that it can be a leader's greatest strength. Here's why.

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