C. Lee Smith

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO of SalesFuel and Certified Behavioral Analyst

C. Lee Smith is the CEO and founder of SalesFuel, a sales and marketing research firm, and a certified behavioral analyst. Recognized as one of the world's leading sales consultants by Selling Power magazine, Lee is a popular keynote speaker, bestselling author and co-host of "Manage Smarter."


Employee Experience & Recruiting

How Your Business Can Benefit From a Micro-Internship Program

Employers who are turning to unusual hiring and retention tactics, such as micro-internships, are having success. Here's why.


Want to Earn Trust? Don't Break Any of These 4 Links in the Chain of Credibility.

There are four links in the chain of credibility. If one of them breaks, your credibility is broken — or was never secured in the first place.


Salespeople Need to Think of Themselves as Providers, Not Partners. Here's Why.

Exaggerating your importance as a "partner" suggests you have equal skin in the game or you're on equal footing with the buyer — and it can lead to disastrous results.

Growing a Business

5 Reasons Why Personality Assessments Can't Predict High Performance

Some hiring managers use assessments to quickly disqualify any candidate who raises red flags instead of digging deeper. But it's never a good idea to make a hiring decision based on assessments alone.

Social Media

Is Your Digital Footprint Killing Your Sales?

If you want prospects to notice you, expand your digital footprint to one that reflects the image you want to project.

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