Celeste Hoang


Purse Charming

Kalika Yap created something women could hang their purses on--and a business she could hang her hat on.

Quick Fix

These self-taught repairmen became self-made successes

Custom-Made Convenience

This entrepreneur's painting the town--and doing it comfortably.

Team Effort

Joining a discussion group can help you handle your entrepreneurial fears.

Get It Together

Janet Lau's attempt to keep files organized resulted in a paper clip evolution.

It's In The Bag

Here's how one entrepreneur keyed in on a rampant purse-digging problem.

Rest Easy

Lesley Hatfield got her idea for moisture-wicking sleep garments after talking to a client.

Think Inside the Box

After Hurricane Katrina, everything became clear for this entrepreneur.

The Big Score

Why pay big for consulting services when SCORE can help you for free?

Business 911

Our team of experts gives 3 companies advice on overcoming their growing pains.

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