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Chloe Arrojado

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Bitmart Reportedly Loses Nearly $200 Million in Massive Hack

The cryptocurrency trading platform is suspending withdrawals until further notice.

Twitter Has a New Photo and Video Policy, and People Are Confused

The platform wrote that the policy was meant to "curb the misuse of media."

Lululemon Hits Peloton With a Lawsuit for Its 'Knockoff' Designs

Once engaged in an 'amicable' co-branding relationship, the athletic brands are now in a heated legal battle.

Kevin Spacey Ordered to Pay Nearly $31 Million for Violating Harassment Policy

The studio behind 'House of Cards' alleges Spacey's breaches of contract made him liable for tens of millions of dollars in losses.

Elizabeth Holmes Unexpectedly Takes the Stand to Defend Herself in Theranos Trial

The disgraced CEO of the now-defunct Theranos will continue her testimony on Monday.

Sweetgreen Stock Jumps More Than 75% in Market Debut

The salad chain beat expectations by nearly doubling its share price in its Thursday IPO.

Bill Gates Says Covid-19 Deaths Could Fall to Seasonal Flu Levels by Next Year

One of the reasons behind this optimistic prediction is the advent of new oral Covid treatments.

WATCH: Man Captures Video of Bear Eating KFC in His House

It all started when he saw his front door open and a mama bear sitting outside.

The UN Gave Elon Musk a $6.6 Billion Plan for Him to Personally Solve World Hunger. Will He Bite?

According to the United Nation's World Food Program, 2% of Elon Musk's wealth is key to solving world hunger.

Elon Musk Responds to Tesla Competitor's Stellar IPO

Electric vehicle automaker Rivian achieved a market cap that makes it more valuable than the legacy automakers Ford and General Motors.

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