David Ewing Duncan

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Business News

Biotech In Decline

"Darwinian winnowing" has become a brutal reality at J.P. Morgan's annual biotech conference, long considered the bellwether for the industry.

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Green Crude

Never mind falling oil prices. Bill Gates and the Rockefellers think they know a better way to fill up your gas tank: algae (Yes, we mean pond scum).

Business News

2009: The Year of Bespoke Medicine

Technology, science, medicine, and business are converging to deliver more information than ever about you and your body. Individually tailored medical care is coming.

Business News

Discount DNA

Complete Genomics says it can sequence a human genome for a fraction of the current cost; a savings that could make DNA scanning affordable to millions.

Business News

Will There Be Blood?

A flailing stem-cell company says it's invented synthetic blood. If so, it will mean a victory for stem cells.

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Frequent Fliers and Flame Retardants

A study in Sweden reveals that flame retardants designed to protect people show up in high levels inside airplane cabins, and in humans-including our columnist.

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