Dmitrii Khasanov

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder of Melandia Agency

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5 Challenges Every Marketing Enthusiast Should Be Ready For

The most common challenges a marketing enthusiast might face and how to solve them.

Business Solutions

AI Might Know What You Are Feeling Before You Even Do — Here's How AI Can Help Us With Client Feedback

Adopting artificial intelligence tools means we are not just reacting to feedback; we are staying ahead of it. How AI Can Help Us Understand Client Feedback


How to Combine Your Online Marketing Tacts With In-Person Marketing

Here's how to combine offline and online marketing approaches for a better outcome for your business.


More Than a Trend — 5 Crucial Ways This Untapped Service is Changing Marketing

SaaS is not just about convenience; it's a smart move that helps businesses save on IT costs and focus more on their main operations instead of dealing with complex software issues.


5 Trends Shaping the Next Generation of Digital Marketing

These IT platforms offer a unique opportunity for brands to connect organically with their demographic by partnering with influencers who boast a loyal following.


Chatbots vs. Virtual Assistants — Which is Better? A Complete Guide For Your Business Needs

You must align each AI technology with your unique goals to deliver an experience that attracts customers.

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