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3 Vital Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

So you have the qualities needed to be an entrepreneur. But before you charge headlong into your own venture, think these issues through.

7 Calculations to Consider to Retire Comfortably

First, figure out your number. Then determine how much you need to sell your business for to reach it.

4 Tips to Follow Before Buying a Business

Purchasing an existing venture can be very rewarding, or it can be a nightmare.

A Simple Guide to Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

Analyzing this helpful tool is essential to being able to run your business successfully.

Should You Issue Company Credit Cards?

In general, company credit cards are more trouble than they are worth. Consider these two scenarios before making a decision.

Protect Your Company From Resume Fraud

Unfortunately, fraud extends to job candidates, so make sure to do due diligence and verify the details.

5 Suggestions When Reducing Costs Is Your Only Option

When you face challenges, follow these tips to make your company stronger.

4 Steps to Improve Quality at Your Business

No higher-level math is required. Instead, what's needed is a down to earth, common sense approach.

The One True Measure of a Great Leader

Qualities and characteristics should be looked at, but the only metric that really matters is results.

8 Pointers for Setting a Price in Negotiations

This numeric value is super critical as it affects the profit you'll get from a deal.

Evaluating the Merits of Building Negotiating Into Your Prices

The "one price fits all" philosophy does not work in all industries and under all circumstances.

Jump Start Your Business With This 5-Step Tool

Utilizing cycle-time reduction can hit the trifecta of improvements.

3 Questions to Ask When Considering an Unemployed Candidate

Managers shouldn't quickly dismiss those currently out of work, but like any other potential hire, due diligence is required.