Ed Hatton

Ed Hatton

Owner: The Marketing Director

Ed Hatton is the owner of The Marketing Director and has consulted to and mentored SMBs in strategy, marketing and sales for almost 20 years. He co-authored an entrepreneurship textbook and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to succeed.


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The Changes You Need To Make Today To Enjoy Profitable Growth Tomorrow

By searching for the truth in your business, you can make the critical adjustments that can lead you to increased profitability.

Managing Your Marketing Risk For Greater Returns

Manage your marketing with the same discipline you manage the rest of your business, because marketing leads to sales, and sales are the lifeblood of business.

4 Ways To Win Over Customers And Boost Your Sales

To grow your business, you will have to convert buyers from their current suppliers to you. Here's how you convince businesses to switch to you.

Ask Your Price and Win More Sales

Businesses that can prove and deliver the greatest value can ask their price.

Do You Know Who Your Real Competitors Are?

Do you know who your real competitors are, and why they're winning deals you should be closing?

What Are You Prepared to Lose?

While business growth tends to be a major goal for most business owners, with growth comes pain. Here's how you navigate those challenges.

How to Craft a Marketing Strategy That Converts Into Sales

Are your marketing communications just like everyone else's, or are you saying something people genuinely care about?

Will That Big Client Make You Money, Or Cost You Money?

A giant customer can be highly profitable or cost you your business. Have you considered all the angles?

Staying Ahead In The Knowledge Era

How do you succeed when your customers, competitors and even employees know as much as you do or more?

Why Your Success Depends on You Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The art of managing people, your customers and your business in a fast-changing world.

How To Find Your Ideal Customers

Shift your focus from barren and 'over fished' markets to customers who are looking for the right solutions.

Keep Your Cash Flowing

Why cash flow can make or break your business -- and how to keep it coming.

Understanding Profit In Your Business

Most business owners think they understand profits, margins and how much they're actually making. The reality is that many don't. How much is your business really making, and what should you do with it?

What Does ROI Really Mean To Entrepreneurs?

Return on investment should go beyond accounting – it's about what's really happening in your business, and if you're spending money on the right stuff.

How To Stay Agile and Relevant In Tough Operating Conditions

In this tough economic climate, you need to start focusing on business areas you can control. The ability to stay agile and relevant is in your hands.

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