Edgardo Beniquez Santiago and Luisaliz Rivera

Edgardo Beniquez Santiago and Luisaliz Rivera

Guest Writer
Co-owners, the 900th Marco’s Pizza location, in Bayamόn, Puerto Rico

About Edgardo Beniquez Santiago and Luisaliz Rivera

Edgardo Beniquez and Luisaliz Rivera are the owners of the 900th location of Marco’s Pizza; their store is in Bayamόn, Puerto Rico. Prior to opening the pizza restaurant, Beniquez worked as a mechanical engineer at GCSS Corporation in Puerto Rico, a construction and equipment fabrication company serving companies in the pharmaceutical industry. He actually built his Marco's Pizza store and fabricated some of the auxiliary equipment in the kitchen. Beniquez' business and life partner, Rivera, previously worked for a pharmaceutical company in its quality-control department.

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