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Gear 12/05

This new iPod Nano sets the bar for MP3 players.

Gear 11/05

Build custom search engines with this mini device

Gear 10/05

Get internet access anywhere with this little card

Gear 09/05

Type reports, watch TV and listen to the stereo--all from the comfort of your lap

Gear 08/05

Take professional-grade photos with this lightweight digital camera

Gear 07/05

Share your files with flair

Gear 06/05

The need for speed, capacity and more

Gear 05/05

Reviews of the latest tech gadgets and goodies

Gear 04/05

Tiny Macs, multi-function printers and flat-screen monitor reviewed

Gear 03/05

Reviews of wireless routers and web-enabled cell phones for mobile warriors

Gear 02/05

Reviewing the latest monitors and laser printers for the office

Gear 01/05

Internet sharing solutions and handheld PCs

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