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First Trials Set to Begin for BICX104, An Unprecedented Way for Patients to Receive Naltrexone

BICX104 is a biodegradable, implantable pellet that can be used for the treatment of various substance abuse disorders.

'So Can I Reapply?': Man Tries to Get Job Back After Quitting as an April Fool's Joke

One TikTok user took things a bit too far when he decided to tell his boss he quit his job.

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Breaks Silence on Musk Takeover: 'I Trust His Mission to Extend the Light of Consciousness'

Dorsey, who was CEO of the company until November 2021, took to the platform to pen his thoughts on the new changes.

A Rare Compliment? Bezos Says Musk Is 'Extremely Good' At One Skill

The billionaire took to Twitter to chime in on the potential future of Twitter following Musk's acquisition of the company.

It's Official: Elon Buys Twitter

The deal is expected to close by the end of 2022.

Man Wins Mega Millions After Cashier Makes Mistake on Lottery Ticket

One printing mistake at a mini mart left Josh Buster with a very lucky accident.

Report: Twitter, Musk Deal Could Be Reached Early This Week

Musk had previously offered to purchase the social media company for around $43 billion.

What's Going on With Netflix? Everything You Need to Know About the Company's Massive Fall

The streaming giant was down a whopping 26% in premarket trading on Wednesday upon the release of its latest earnings report.

Elon Musk Will Stop Paying Twitter Board Members If He Purchases the Company

The billionaire took to Twitter to explain how he would cut company costs by no longer paying board members, who make between $250,000 and $300,000 annually.

Amazon Adds 5% 'Inflation' Fee to Sellers

The fee comes upon rising inflation rates and supply chain disruptions.

This is the Busiest Airport in the World, According to a New Report

8 out of the 10 busiest airports worldwide in 2021 were located in the United States.