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Sky-High Scare: Flight Forced to Turn Around After Pilot Reveals He's Not Qualified to Fly

Passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to New York were in for a shock on Monday.

More Bad News for Netflix: Streaming Giant Slammed With Class Action Lawsuit

Shareholders are alleging that Netflix misled them when they were making their investments.

Report: Elon Musk Aims to Make Twitter Public Again 'In a Few Years'

The billionaire's $44 billion pending acquisition of the company is expected to close by the end of this year.

Bill Gates Surprisingly Praises Elon Musk Following Leaked Altercation: 'You Wouldn't Want to Underestimate Elon'

The billionaire sat down for an interview where he discussed what he hoped the future of Twitter might look like.

'They Don't Know What Work Actually Means': Manager Fired After Posting Rant Against Gen Z on Front Door

A Dollar Tree in Indiana is going viral after a strongly worded hiring notice was plastered to the front door of the store.

Bill Gates Gets Honest About Divorce One Year Later: 'I Wouldn't Choose to Marry Someone Else'

It's been about exactly one year to the day since billionaire Bill Gates and philanthropist Melinda French announced that they would be ending their marriage after 27 years.