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US Elections

Kamala Harris makes history as America's first vice president

Harris is the first woman, the first black person, the first Native American and the first Asian American to be elected to the position.
US Elections

Election Results: Joe Biden Is the Next President of the United States

The Democratic candidate reached the 270 electoral votes needed to become the 46th President of the United States.
Talent Land 2020

Next week the Talent Land Latin America will be held

The event will be held from November 9 to 12 totally online.

Good End: How to sell more from your Instagram

These are the best tools and functions that the platform offers to make the most of this great event and support businesses.

Tesla presents its $ 250 tequila and it's already sold out

Elon Musk had already advanced the news on his Twitter two years ago, but this presentation is very different from the first 'Teslaquila'.
Entrepreneurial Events

This digital forum promotes gender equality in Mexico

#Desnormaliza will be held on November 7, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Good End 2020

Good End: Google tools to sell more these two weeks

In Latin America, online sales have grown an average of 230% this year. Are you ready to take advantage of it?
Free market

With these planes Mercado Libre will deliver packages in less than 24 hours

The platform invested more than one billion pesos in the "Meli Air" aircraft fleet, ground vehicles and last mile centers.
Video game

Right in the Heart! Gaming Week Will Celebrate Gus Rodríguez, the Greatest 'Nintendomaniáco'

The first edition of the virtual celebration of the video game industry in Mexico and Latin America will start on November 6.
Electric Cars

Ferraris Don't Have a 100 Percent Electric Future, Per CEO

"I really don't see Ferrari ever going 100 percent electric and it certainly won't go 50 percent as long as I'm alive," announced Louis Camilleri.

Sin Apron Will Stop Operating in Mexico in December

The Spanish food-delivery app thanked its partners on social media.

Do You Have a Beauty Business? L'Oreal and Facebook Will Give Free Workshops for Entrepreneurs in Mexico

They will create multiple workshops for beauty entrepreneurs, dermatologists, stylists and makeup artists to increase the digital reach of their businesses.

Burger King Asks You to Buy From McDonald's

We never thought we'd ask you to do this, but restaurants that employ thousands of people really need your support right now, Burger King said of McDonald's.
Mexico City

Government will auction smartphones and drones

The eighth auction of the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen includes Huawei and Samsung cell phones.

'One more thing': We will have another Apple event in 2020

This will be the third big event of the year for the company with the bitten apple. What launch will we have?