Henry Ma

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Henry Ma began his career at Goldman Sachs and joined Ricoma in 2015. He grew into the CEO role after helping the company quintuple its revenue in five years as COO. Featured in major industry publications, Ma continuously strives to be a thought leader in entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

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Growing a Business

5 Tips for Building a Strong Customer-Centric Culture and Fostering Brand Loyalty

Businesses must make customer service and satisfaction a top priority by fostering a customer-centric culture in order to build loyalty, engagement and overall success.

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Science & Technology

What the Metaverse Means for the Apparel Industry

In the metaverse, the apparel industry will find itself at the intersection of digital social interaction, online ecommerce and creative virtual expression.


Qué significa el metaverso para la industria de la confección

En el metaverso, la industria de la confección se encontrará en la intersección de la interacción social digital, el comercio electrónico en línea y la expresión virtual creativa.

Growing a Business

Find Ways to Compete When Margins Are Razor-Thin

How to remain relevant and adaptable, even when your profit margins are narrower than those of competitors.

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