Ihab A. Khalil

Ihab A. Khalil

Partner & Managing Director, BCG Middle East

Ihab Khalil is Partner & Managing Director at BCG Middle East. Based in Dubai, Ihab is a core member of BCG’s Principal Investments and Private Equity (PIPE) and Financial Services practices. He specializes in investment strategy formulation, asset allocation, portfolio review and restructuring, M&A and due diligence support, performance improvement, operating model design and corporate governance. Before joining BCG, Ihab worked at Booz & Company for a total of nine years. Ihab holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the American University of Beirut and an MBA from INSEAD.


The Rapid Growth Of Fintech: A Revolution In The Payments Industry

A plethora of trends have punctuated the fintech landscape, giving rise to a new era of investment, customer service, and digital innovation. The fintech revolution has turned conventional approaches...
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