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Isaiah Hankel

Isaiah Hankel

Guest Writer / Entrepreneur Speaker and Business Consultant

Isaiah Hankel is the author of Black Hole Focus (Wiley 2014), a business coach and speaker. He helps individuals, teams and organizations develop a more entrepreneurial mind-set to accelerate their business success.  


Toxic People

7 Toxic People to Avoid When Starting a Business

Beware of those who will try to sabotage your efforts, including yourself.
Problem Solving

Why Entrepreneurs Who Complain Are Setting Themselves Up to Fail

Did you know that complaining destroys neurons in your brain's problem-solving hippocampus?
Running a Business

10 Types of People Who Will Help Your Business Succeed

You may be running the show, but having a 'lightning rod' and 'maestro' on your side is critical to your company's success.

5 Benefits of Being a Misfit Entrepreneur

Don't try so hard to conform. You might hurt your chances at startup success.
Managing Employees

10 People Who Will Destroy Your Business

Be wary of those who have flash or cash but not your best interests in mind.

Confident Entrepreneurs Deftly Overcome Impostor Syndrome

The immense stretching exercise involved in launching a new business can incite fear and timidity. Ward off such feelings with these 10 steps.

Can the Academic Entrepreneur Save the Ivory Tower?

Higher education could be rebranded as startups' best friend and assist students in mastering business skills.