Janet Holloway


Thought Leaders

A New Model for Medicine

PartnerMD pioneers concierge practices, and reaps the rewards.

Thought Leaders

How to Start All Over

L.L. Bean heiress reinvents herself and reshapes a sustainable industry.

Thought Leaders

Optimism in a Tin

Mya Jacobson saw her fortune not on Wall Street but in cookies.

Thought Leaders

Sigrid Olsen Reinvents Herself

She's starting over as an artist and entrepreneur after Liz Claiborne shuttered her clothing line.

Thought Leaders

A Circuitous Route to Entrepreneurial Success

Mary Crane was a lobbyist and White House chef. Now she teaches etiquette to Generation Y employees.

Thought Leaders

Inventing a $47 Million Empire

In her book, Barbara Carey shows how your ideas can make you a millionaire, too.

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