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Jason Feifer is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine and host of the podcast Problem Solvers. Outside of Entrepreneur, he is the author of the book Build For Tomorrow, which helps readers find new opportunities in times of change, and co-hosts the podcast Help Wanted, where he helps solve listeners' work problems. He also writes a newsletter called One Thing Better, which each week gives you one better way to build a career or company you love.

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Operations & Logistics

This Entrepreneur Has COVID-19. Here's How He's Leading His Company

Eric Yaverbaum is in bed, but he can still offer three things to his team: transparency, optimism, and reality.

Operations & Logistics

Your Setbacks During COVID-19 Will Fuel Your Success Tomorrow

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Operations & Logistics

Your Time Is Valuable. During Coronavirus, It Matters Even More.

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Operations & Logistics

Entrepreneur's Editor in Chief: "Coronavirus Will Make Us All Stronger"

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Thought Leaders

How to Earn Customers' Trust

Your approach to winning new business says a lot about your operation.

Growing a Business

Are You Meeting (and Setting) Customers' Expectations?

To succeed, the value of what you offer must be greater than what people expect.

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