Krishna Athal

Krishna Athal

A recipient of numerous leadership and innovation awards, Krishna Athal has a BA in business and enterprise, an MBA in leadership and management and is currently a PhD candidate in leadership and entrepreneurship.

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The Correlation Between Covid-19 and Cybercrime

The World Economic Forum presented its first-ever Global Cybersecurity Outlook report, which highlights trends and examines anticipated cybersecurity challenges.

How Skill Development Can Save the World Post-Covid

People must develop their skills to thrive in today's increasingly competitive workplace.

Public Relations Bring Ethics Under the Spotlight

Contemporary PR should constantly review its codes and practices.

The Relationship Between Reputation and Brand

Brand reputation is the determining factor that decides whether consumers will pay and recruits will apply.

The Days of Calling on a Hotline Are Gone. Social Media is King.

Producers have found the importance of social media in communicating with consumers.

The Confusion Between Coaching and Mentoring: Which Is Which?

While some theorists believe that the two roles intersect, or it is unrealistic to detach and disconnect one from the other, other academicians are bent on differentiating coaching from mentoring.

Understanding the Need and Relationship of Strategies With Innovation and Change

While there may be differences of opinion on timing, all agree that businesses need a solid strategy to survive the market pressures.  

The Fascinating Science of Team Leadership

Team leadership represents a vital feature in fostering the productivity of a team.

The Problems With Servant Leadership

Organizations with a servant leadership approach are more trusted and tend to attract more long-term stakeholders.

Why Servant Leadership is Becoming the Leadership Style of the Future

Servant leadership is viewed as a more authentic approach to genuinely address the needs of the followers.

Environmental Factors Preventing Aspiring Entrepreneurs From Becoming One

A unanimous approach can eliminate the two factors hindering the growth and development of entrepreneurship in the world.

Impact-Driven Startups Are a Gold-Mine for Investors

Investors across the globe are finding ways to unleash the power of their capital by trying out different industries and business models.

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