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Entrepreneur, Sales Expert and Author; Founder of Shore Consulting


Are You Maximizing Your Prospect's 'Currency of Attention'?

If we think of attention as currency, it represents something of a commodity -- highly valuable but limited in supply.

5 Strategic Steps to Help You Double Your Revenue Next Year

Create a carefully crafted plan combined with a fierce dedication to execution that will require a shift in your thinking.

This Method of Follow Up Will Definitely Make an Impression

Follow these three steps to stand out among a series of canned emails, scripted phone calls and customer-relationship management reports.

For Success in Sales, Learn Your Customer's Backstory

Don't just attack with questions about what your prospect wants, instead, ask them why.

Why the 'Why' of the Sale Matters More Than the 'What'

Whether you're selling mattresses or any other product, think about why your customers are there.

How You Can Crush the Biggest Sales-Killing Mental Bias

When we enter a sales situation with a pre-conceived idea, we look for confirmation to support that idea. That usually ends badly.

Use This Half-Day Productivity Hack to Knock Out Your Priority Projects

What if you could replicate that experience of the day before a vacation, when you plow through tasks?

The Powerful Question You Should Ask Yourself During Every Sales Conversation

OK, I'll admit it: closing every single prospect is impossible. But don't let that stop you from pursuing the sale.

Solve Your Buyers' Problems by Changing Their Perspective

Move a potential customer into purchase mode by focusing on the long-term view, not troubling current trends.

5 Reasons I Love Sales, and Why You Just Might, Too

Besides the thrill of the deal and its puzzle-like challenge, there is one other great boost from a successful interaction.

Retrain Your Brain to Feel Confident About Public Speaking

You're very unlikely to go blank, pass out and wet yourself on stage. Instead, focus on the good things.

4 Steps to the Most Productive 15 Minutes of Your Day

It is amazing how busy one can feel without being actually productive. It all depends on one word: intentionality.

Do You Need a Great New Idea? Stand On the Shoulders of Giants.

Go shopping -- not for products -- but for new concepts you could use to improve your business.

4 Simple Rules to Cut Down on 'Evil' Meetings

Meetings usually represent a big waste of time. Instead of sitting around, use these four tips to boost productivity at your organization.