Jeff Walker

Managing Director

Jeff Walker is a founder of Stellwagen Ventures. He spent 20+ years at the intersection of entertainment and tech as EVP of BD & CMO at Vivoom Inc, a venture-backed startup working with Fortune 100 brands. He's held senior leadership roles at The Rounder Records Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

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Thought Leaders

How to Get the Most Out of Every Opportunity

Opportunities may be everywhere but delivering value from them is the real measure of success.

Starting a Business

From X TO Z: Networking Across the Generational Gap

In conversations with my college-aged daughter, I've gained better insight into the value of professional networking and reevaluated strategic and personal approaches to get the most from this priceless asset.


De la X a la Z: trabajo en red a través de la brecha generacional

En conversaciones con mi hija en edad universitaria, obtuve una mejor comprensión del valor de las redes profesionales y reevalué los enfoques estratégicos y personales para aprovechar al máximo este activo invaluable.

Starting a Business

What the Music Industry Can Teach You About Launching a Business During the Pandemic

Let the failures (and successes) of the music business' past provide a road map.


Qué puede enseñarle la industria de la música sobre el lanzamiento de un negocio durante la pandemia

Deje que los fracasos (y éxitos) del pasado del negocio de la música proporcionen una hoja de ruta.

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