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Growth Strategies

Hiring an Independent Contractor

Looking for an alternative to full-time employees? Our Legal Expert shows you the benefits of hiring independent contractors.
Growth Strategies

The Risks of Selling Online

Protect yourself with these legal measures.
Growth Strategies

Equipment Leases: When Can You Get Out of Them?

What you need to know about contract law and how it applies to your leased office equipment
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Obtaining Copyright Permission

What you need to know before using someone else's data
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Business Visa Basics

Immigration law and how it applies to you and your new business
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Worker's Compensation Insurance

Find out whether you need it-and how to get it.
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How to Hold a Meeting

There's more to it than gathering people around a table.
Growth Strategies

Filing for Bankruptcy?

You've still got to contend with the IRS.

To LLC Or Not To LLC?

If this is the question you're trying to answer, our Legal Expert can help you decide if this business form is right for you.
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Legal Forms: Tools or Traps?

Get the lowdown on legal forms and agreements.
Growth Strategies

Competing With Your Employer

How wide is a noncompete agreement's grasp?
Growth Strategies

Know Your Employer Rights

How much does the Americans With Disabilities Act protect?
Growth Strategies

Firing Problem Employees

Let go of employees tactfully and legally

Legal 101

A quick guide to the homebased legal matters that matter most

Paper Trail

Before you launch your business, you'd better know what the State Corporation Commission does and what it means to you.