Jodie King

Founder & CEO of Jodie King Media

Teacher, entrepreneur and artist Jodie King has been an executive in a variety of industries for over three decades and carries 20 years of artistic experience. She teaches four high-demand courses aiming at empowering artists with the tools they need to turn their passion into thriving businesses.

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Thought Leaders

7 Ways Creatives Can Embrace Entrepreneurship

Here are seven ways artists can embrace their entrepreneurial side and make a living from their art.

Growing a Business

Fortune 500 Strategies You Can Use to Grow Your Art Business

Fortune 500 companies and…art? Those two don't seem like they should go together, but they absolutely do. Here's why.

Thought Leaders

How to Navigate Challenging Times by Tapping Into Your Creativity

What can we do, in troubling times, to support ourselves and our communities? I believe the answer is art. Here's why.

Thought Leaders

Why Investing in Art and Creativity Is Crucial in Today's Economy

We need art and artists today more than ever, especially in this economy. Here's why.

Thought Leaders

Here's Why You Should Approach Your Business Like an Artist

Learn how artists approach their creative work so you can apply the same principles to increase your business's growth trajectory.

Thought Leaders

5 Non-Negotiables When Building a Successful Art Business

Every day, artists make a living from their art -- without sacrificing their passion or their creativity. Following these five steps, you can build a successful art business that supports you and your creative spirit.

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