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Jonathan Small is editor-in-chief of Green Entrepreneur, a vertical from Entrepreneur Media focused on the intersection of sustainability and business. He is also an award-winning journalist, producer, and podcast host of the upcoming True Crime series, Dirty Money, and Write About Now podcasts. Jonathan is the founder of Strike Fire Productions, a premium podcast production company. He had held editing positions at Glamour, Stuff, Fitness, and Twist Magazines. His stories have appeared in The New York Times, TV Guide, Cosmo, Details, and Good Housekeeping. Previously, Jonathan served as VP of Content for the GSN (the Game Show Network), where he produced original digital video series.

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Experts Predict 'Greenhushing' Will Be a Big Eco-Trend In 2023. What Is It?

Companies have become more reticent about publicizing their sustainability accomplishments.


Greta Thunberg lanza un golpe de "nocaut" a un campeón del kickboxing

El tweet de la eco activista se viraliza después de arremeter y burlarse de Andrew Tate.

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Greta Thunberg Twitter Feud May Have Led to Alleged Sex Trafficker's Arrest. "What Happens When You Don't Recycle Your Pizza Boxes."

The eco-activist's tweet went viral after lashing back at a taunt from Andrew Tate. The next day, Tate and his brother were arrested for sex trafficking. Is a pizza box to blame?


Most New Year's Resolutions Fail — But Here Are 5 You'll Actually Keep

Many of us will set unrealistic or vague goals for 2023 that we give up on far too quickly. Here's what Ted Talks star Amy Morin says to do instead.

Green Entrepreneur

You Can Get $7500 for Buying an EV. But You Need to Act Fast.

Tax credits for electric vehicles kick in on January 1. But the source requirements won't go into effect until March, giving buyers a better chance to qualify.

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Caught on Tape: Two TikTokers Were Reviewing In-N-Out Burger When a Man Harassed Them With Homophobic and Racist Slurs

The tense incident was captured on Christmas Eve and has been viewed millions of times. Police arrested a suspect.