Kate Isler

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With more than 20 years of executive leadership experience as CEO of a tech startup and as an executive at Microsoft, Kate Isler provides a powerful platform of real-world expertise and examples to draw from. Isler is the author of Breaking Borders.


Business Culture

5 Ways to Support Women-Owned Businesses

There are simple ways to support women-owned businesses and have an economic impact on your community and the country. This is a list of things you can do today to support women-owned businesses and change the world.

Thought Leaders

What if Women Entrepreneurs Actually Got What They Needed for Their Businesses?

Like many places, the United States is facing a challenging economy. If we were to support the businesses that data tells us outperform the overall market, it could jump-start a new cycle of growth and prosperity.


Women Entrepreneurs Need More Than Capital to Succeed. Here's What They Also Want

There is no question that capital is queen, and it is number one on the list of what women need to support their businesses. But with investment in women-owned businesses declining, looking beyond the capital is more important than ever.

Business Models

You Can Launch An Online Store for $20.00 a Month...But Can You? These 3 Ecommerce Myths Are Hurting You

The idea of small businesses creating their own websites and seeing immediate returns is touted by all of the ecommerce service providers. The reality of the investment and time it takes to develop and grow an online business is much different from an entrepreneur's perspective.


Los 5 pilares para construir una cultura de éxito en una startup

La cultura es el factor más importante para las startups, hay muchas prioridades, pero si tu equipo no está alineado, el negocio fracasará sin importar qué más tengas a tu favor.


The 5 Pillars of Building a Culture of Success in a Startup

Culture is the most important factor for startups. There are many priorities in a startup, but if your team isn't aligned, your business will fail no matter what else you have going for you.

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