Leah Borski

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Leah Borski is a certified neurohealth and neuroleadership coach. She specializes in neuroscience-based high-performance habits, mental mastery and stress management to help you achieve more without burning out.

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3 reglas mentales para ayudarte a entender (y finalmente relajar) tu ocupada mente

Cuando intentar relajarte te estresa aún más, estos principios poco conocidos son la clave para la calma.

Health & Wellness

3 Mental Rules to Help You Understand (and Finally Relax) Your Busy Brain

When trying to relax stresses you out even more, these little-known principles are the key to calm.


Tres trucos mentales para cuando no puedes concentrarte en el trabajo

Si crees que esforzarte más es la respuesta, piénsalo otra vez.

Life Hacks

3 Brain Hacks For When You Can't Focus at Work

If you think pushing yourself harder is the answer, think again.


New Neuroscience Reveals the Best Way to Form Powerful Habits That Stick

New research proves that willpower and rewards aren't enough to build sustainable habits. Here's what else you need.


7 Underestimated Mantras to Live By and Avoid Work Burnout

As much as we dislike it or try to deny it, our emotions do affect our work. Avoiding this truth leads to self-sabotage and burnout, so here's how to stop it.

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