Maria Orozova

Maria Orozova

President and Creative Director The MOD Studio marketing house

Austin-based, serial entrepreneur Maria Orozova is president and creative director of marketing house The MOD Studio, and founder of MODpaper, Maria has first-hand experience with working with her husband on daily business projects -- successfully. Her husband, Scott Thomas, is the president of revenue growth agency Intelechy Group, and both agencies recently teamed up to offer a broader scope of services to their clients (Exclusive Resorts, Lexus, Circuit of the Americas, Dell, Four Seasons Residences, Woodhouse Day Spas Corporate, etc.) Embracing the new Agency Ecosystem, The MOD Studio’s creative services are now complemented by Intelechy’s marketing capabilities.


5 Tips for Working With Your Spouse -- and Making It Work

Support each other unconditionally, stay attentive to each other's needs, embrace compromise and keep in mind that even if you are a CEO, you are a spouse above all

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