Marilisa Barbieri

Marilisa Barbieri

Business Consultant, Luxury Brand Expert & Educator

A luxury-business expert with an MBA and interior design and arts degree, Marilisa Barbieri helps companies elevate their brand value and increase sales of design service by revealing proven sales strategies employed by top luxury brands.

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How to Build Aesthetic Intelligence to Win Over Luxury Customers

Building aesthetic skills can help you build market share, gain consumer loyalty and create lasting value for your business.

How Rebooting Past Collections Can Revive a Dormant Luxury Brand

Archives balance past and present and project the luxury legacy into the future.

How Investing in a Corporate Gifting Strategy Leads to Business Growth

The benefits of corporate gift-giving and how to implement the practice in your strategy.

How to Manage Business Risks When Building a High-End Brand

Highlighting the risks in your business and presenting solutions can earn the trust of potential investors.

Why a Handwritten Thank-You Note Should Be a Staple Email Strategy of Luxury Brands

Luxury brands must remove themselves from the noise of email newsletters and retain exclusivity by whispering personalization and authenticity when communicating with their clients.

The Pandemic Gave Luxury Brands a New Code of Conduct

A new type of shopping experience defines post-pandemic luxury retail.

The 4 Types of Luxury Brand Leadership

A CEO leading a luxury company must reflect the highest standards of the brand, but that quality is entirely dependent upon the type of person she or he is.

Why Having 2 Wildly Divergent Careers Makes Me More Fulfilled

Following our vocations means expressing our multi-dimensionality in terms of interests, skills and passions.

Why a Luxury Manager Needs a Combination of Substance and Style

A career in the luxury industry requires a diverse set of talents and skills to succeed.

How to Launch a High-End Small Business

Building an iconic brand requires an in-depth understanding of the luxury consumer mindset.

What Interior Designers Need to Know About Digital Marketing Sales and Lead Generation

Tools to build commitment to your design brand at each stage of the lead generation funnel.

Why You Should Look Into Luxury Niches and Micro-Influencer Marketing

Designing luxury yacht and private jets interiors can make you a micro-influencer.

Digital Branding for Interior Designers

Interior designers need a structured business plan to establish and grow their business online.

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