Muthu Singaram and Prathistha Jain

Muthu Singaram and Prathistha Jain

CEO, IIT Madras HTIC Incubator and Director at Vibazone Private Limited

Muthu Singaram is the CEO of IIT Madras HTIC Incubator. And, Prathistha Jain is the Director at Vibazone Pvt. Ltd. 


Some of the Challenges Medical Technology is Grappling With

The development and growth of medical technology lies in the hands of engineers and doctors to collaborate and solve the problem statements in the current scenario

Types of Prototype and their Usage

A vertical prototype is the back end of a product like a database generation to test front end

What is the Difference between Proof of Concept and Prototype ?

A prototype has almost all the functionalities of the end product, but will generally not be as efficient, artistically designed, or durable.

Are You Ready for Your Prototype?

Market study often reveals counter-intuitive facts about the market even if you think you are well acquainted with it

What Metrics Makes a Successful Incubator?

Incubators must set a combination of success metrics which is relevant and in tandem with the objectives

Partnerships, Linkages, Networks and Service Providers an Incubator Needs

Incubators have a stronger standing if they are supported by a partnership of public and private sectors

How to Make an Incubator Resourceful?

Incubators are set up to create sustainable and strong entrepreneurial support infrastructure

How Deep is your Mentor Pool?

The real value in mentoring happens when people explore deeper issues such as identity, beliefs, interest, motivation and career paths

How to Build a Robust Mentoring Relationship Using These Ingredients

Mentors should not impose any decision on the mentee, as often mentees feel obliged to accept the decision even though they feel otherwise

Love and Fear: Struggles Involved in Mentorship

Mentor's job is to help the mentee unleash hidden potential which in turn benefits others

Relationship Between a Founder and an Enthusiast – A Newfangled Perspective

Research shows that people put more into relationships when they share common values and personalities

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