Nader Masadeh

Nader Masadeh

President and CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings

About Nader Masadeh

Nader Masadeh earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati before attaining his masters of business administration in International Business and Negotiations from Xavier University. Born into a family of restaurateurs and owners, he inevitably eased into the business as a natural fit, working his way up from dishwashing to later help his father run a Buffalo Wings & Rings location. Becoming heavily engaged with the brand, Masadeh became a part owner of the brand in 2005 alongside business partners Philip Schram and Haytham David. The three have spent the past 10 years working together to develop a fast-growing, club-level sports restaurant franchise with more than 65 units globally, offering a chef-inspired menu and the ideal experience for socializing with friends and family over sports. Today, Masedeh is the president and CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings and recently appeared on CBS's Undercover Boss.

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