Natalia Sycheva

Natalia Sycheva

Manager of Entrepreneurship, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

About Natalia Sycheva

Natalia Sycheva is Manager – Entrepreneurship at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In her work for Dubai Startup Hub, the entrepreneurship initiative of Dubai Chamber, Natalia leads a portfolio of programs that includes startup funds, market access for startups, startup business advocacy, and entrepreneurship education through partnerships with public sector counterparts as well as local and international industry leaders to foster the innovative development of the private sector in Dubai.

Before transitioning to the public sector, Natalia was in charge of developing industry programs for Deloitte Middle East. In this role, she provided strategic, analytical, and operational leadership to develop and implement cross-functional strategies to effectively serve the firm’s clients and grow Deloitte’s businesses in the region.

Natalia is a Fulbright Scholar, with two Master’s degrees in International Finance and History. She is the author of numerous publications in the fields of government decision-making process, trade, and business management. Her insights were presented at both national and international conferences. 

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