Olga Fleming

Investor | Entrepreneur | Lawyer | Author

Olga Fleming is an investor, entrepreneur, startup mentor and author who oversees investment strategies and builds large portfolios for respected international enterprises across Asia, Europe and MENA regions. She’s also a veteran lawyer specializing in securing assets for her clientele.

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Thought Leaders

6 Obstacles of Expanding Your Company Internationally — and How to Overcome Them.

Explore the intricate journey of international expansion for startups, from cultural adaptations to legal complexities, with real-life examples illuminating the path to global success. Learn how savvy adjustments, respect for local norms and adept legal navigation can turn challenges into opportunities in the thrilling world of international business expansion.

Starting a Business

7 Negotiation Strategies to Get Your Investors Hooked

As your negotiations progress, you need to simultaneously get off on the right foot, maintain your leverage, win the investor's trust, think with an open mind and arrive at a mutual understanding.

Estrategias de crecimiento

7 estrategias de negociación para enganchar a sus inversores

A medida que avanzan sus negociaciones, debe comenzar simultáneamente con el pie derecho, mantener su apalancamiento, ganarse la confianza del inversor, pensar con la mente abierta y llegar a un entendimiento mutuo.

Starting a Business

10 Fundraising Tips to Get Your Startup Started

How to steadily grow while reaching those financial goals.


10 consejos de recaudación de fondos para comenzar su startup

Cómo crecer de manera constante mientras se alcanzan esos objetivos financieros.

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