Prashant Shah

Prashant Shah

Guest Contributor


Part II: Designing Smart Contracts: Considerations Involved

Smart contracts are automated contracts with pre-established terms and with the spread of blockchain understanding the process is really important

Introduction to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Ever wondered if an entire corporation can be run on the blockchain without human intervention?

Part II: Designing Smart Contracts: Considerations Involved

A smart contract design, at the very least, is nothing but a set of structured codes that enforce obligations

Opportunities in Blockchain-driven Supply Financing: Realizing the true potential

A typical supply chain process constitutes the processing of the flow of trade document using the Blockchain as the underlying database layer

Blockchain and Law: Some Insights on Using Blockchain in Governance

Blockchain is an immutable and virtually infinite log and a majority of legal procedures will be supplemented with blockchain in obviating most evidentiary issues

Part I: Smart Contracts: Evolution, Benefits, Risks and Challenges

To be effective, blockchain and smart contracts require certain standards, or more plainly, a set of common rules by which all participants operate, in order to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness

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