Rahul Agarwal

Rahul Agarwal

Director, Wealth Discovery


RBI Rate Cut, Government Stimulus Done: What Are the Markets Eyeing Now?

Overall all the Indian market participants expect a calibrated approach from the government with more interventions as and when needed.

When Sitting With More Than 30% Loss In Current Market Crisis, Don't Make These Mistakes

Market corrections are best times to capitalize on opportunities that could lead to significant wealth creation in the long run.

The Rationale for Roll Back of Surcharge on FPIs

The government has already set up an aggressive disinvestment target for the FY 2019-20 and for that to materialize it needs buoyant equity markets

Selling Your Property! It is Important Know How to Save Tax on Sale of a Property

Taxpayers can save the taxes on the gains by availing the benefit of tax exemptions allowed under these Indian tax laws

Which Mutual Fund Plan Should You Choose – Regular or Direct?

As mutual fund houses do not incur distribution expenses in direct plans, such plans have lower operating expenses than regular plans. The lower expense ratio of direct plans translates into higher returns for investors

Are You Falling Into a Debt Trap? You Need to Identify the Signs

There is a distinction between debt, some types of debt are not bad and are often necessary at times but there are signs that are typical of unhealthy personal finance and the possibility of falling into a debt trap

A Careful Asset Allocation Strategy Can Help You Create Wealth

If the ruling dispensation manages to make a comeback as per the general consensus, the market is expected to rally, however, if there is a negative surprise in store the markets can witness sharp corrections at-least in the short term

Key Changes That You Must Keep in Mind for Making a Better Financial Plan for 2019-20

It is important to note that if the taxable income exceeds INR 5 lakh, after claiming all the tax-saving deductions, then one has to pay income tax as per the existing rates

How the New Rules for E-Commerce Will Impact E-Tailers and Offline Retailers?

The new rules can benefit numerous brick-and-mortar players those who have had a tough time competing against online giants

Digital Lending - Revolutionizing the loan Market in India

In addition to allowing individual's access to personal loans, players in digital lending have also expanded their customer base and their loan portfolios

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