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Power Women of South India - For Your Startups

Check out leaders who are more than willing to help you achieve entrepreneurial success.

Orkut Says Hello to India, Once Again. Only Bigger and Better

Orkut Buyukkokten aims to bring back the original intent of social networking, with renewed focus on trends in India.

From the Point of View of Entrepreneurs– Problems faced while Raising Capital for Ventures

Today's successful entrepreneurs share the difficulties encountered during fund-raising as well as solutions to these issues.

Decoding Investment Strategies in Multiple Societal Sectors – From an Investor's Viewpoint

Identifying problem areas and creating newer technology-driven models to solve issues.

This Angel Turned Mentor to Help Entrepreneurs Create Scalable Businesses

Why Revathy chose to turn investor and entrepreneur herself? What are the favorable investment trends and geographies for women?

Taking India towards "Data-Driven Entrepreneurship" – The Focus Areas and Opportunities

Data Sciences represents a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to create data-driven models to solve major pain-points.

Decoding MedGenome's Genomics and Fundraising in India

Interaction with Sam Santhosh of MedGenome regarding the genomics of venture capital fund raising.

Is Commutation a Problem, Here's a Way

Bengaluru-based startup MoveInSync attempts to solve the issue of urban office commute, by raising quality venture capital.

User-friendly Process & Agile Approach to Software Development Got This Startup its Pre-series A Fund

Build commercially viable and solid business proposition, focus on customer experience and efficient execution says Amit More

This Early-Stage Startup Connected with the Right VCs & Struck Gold

Carmel Organics woos Ankur Capital to secure undisclosed Series A funding. What can other startups learn?

How this Early-Stage Active Startup Raised Sizeable Capital to Bolster the Restaurant and Hospitality Services Sector

Early-stage startups today are doing significantly well with respect to raising funds from veteran investors.