Ray Gillenwater

Ray Gillenwater

Guest Writer / Co-Founder and CEO of SpeakUp

Ray Gillenwater is the co-founder and CEO of SpeakUp, an employee engagement and innovation platform that gives everyone the power to make positive change at work.

Take It From The Pros

How the Best Companies in the World Run All-Hands Meetings

Change your all-hands meetings and gain the trust of your valued employees.

5 Ways to Not Waste Your Employees' Time at Meetings

Are meetings simply keeping your employees away from their work? Adopt these rules to make them as productive as possible.
Inspiring Your Team

5 Ways to Make Your Office Millennial Friendly

Your company can no longer afford to ignore what this demographic wants.
Inspiring Your Team

For True Employee Engagement, Follow These 6 Steps

Create a company where the team will put in extra discretionary effort, the sort required to create positive change.
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